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<code>Hello, World!</code>

I'm Michael -- a 25 year-old Latinx programmer. Check out some of my cool work below!

Free Invoicing for Small Companies
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Invoicr is a FREE Estimate/Invoice reports management web-application catered towards small businesses.

Users can easily create, edit, manage, and store client, estimate, and invoice information, to then generate and send reports via Email with a click of a button!

Technologies used: Technologies Used
Django Web Framework, MySQL DB, HTMX.JS, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Voice-Activated REST APIs
The Job Scraper Home Page

Using the Google Cloud Platform, I can tell a Google Assistant to send a message to this website.

Includes Google Cloud IoT Core, Google DialogFlow API, Google Cloud Functions, Google Actions, and Django REST APIs.

Picklr - Job Scraping Tool
The Job Scraper Home Page

This is my first attempt at Web Scraping and Data Analytics.

Includes a simple UI, API calls, multithreading, caching, and other tricks for efficient means of data harvesting and data analysis of the web.

Bonilla Banking
Bonilla Banking Home Page

This is my attempt at a modern banking website.

Includes an informational UI, user sign-up, user authentication, and many other CRUD operations pertinent to banking.


I was the Co-Lead Web Developer for a non-profit founded by Yale University graduate and MD students.

S-PHASEC stands for Students Promoting Health Advocacy and Synchronized Engagement with Communities.

Flores Landscaping
Snapshot of my Automated Invoice System

My first private web-app with user authentication.

Includes CRUD operations for invoices, invoice-searchability, and the conversion of a webpage into a PDF with an email-delivery system.

Legacy Portfolio
Legacy version of my Portfolio

My first live & published website on the internet.

I learned DNS purchasing, CNAME record creation & assignment, and website & email hosting.

More coming soon 🙂